Transport to travel within city

Every city in the country has its transport system to connect with other cities. There are different types of source for travelling like Buses, Planes, Trains and Vans etc. The transport has its system inside the city to provide service for the city residence normally call Public Transport. It is basically related to the specific city and running in the limits of that specific city. There is no link with other city. In this transport normally buses, vans and rickshaws are included to provide travelling services to the general public. Mostly buses and vans are provided by the city administration to help the public travelling inside the city limit. The fair is quite affordable for the passengers and they have to drop and pick the passengers in their route. Their routes are also defined by the city administration. So in a city there is different routes and have their buses and vans to travel on those routes. Routes are basically distance of few kilo meters from main bus stop to different points in a city and then back to main bus stop.

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