Tips on Using Safe Public Transport

Public transport vehicles have been an integral part of the lives of a lot of people all throughout the world. Millions of people around the globe go to their work, school, and other places using public transport. Since the use of public transport is very important to a lot of us, safety while using it should be one of our top priorities.
When using public transport, always watch your step. There are buses or trains which have very high stairs so be careful when you are climbing them especially if you are already old. Watch out for slippery floors and obstacles that may cause you to trip or slip. Once on board the public transport, make sure not to move around when it is moving. Just look for the nearest seat or grab on to something that is sturdy enough to keep your balance.
One thing that people do when they are late is to hurry. It would definitely help you avoid being late when you rush things but do not compromise your personal safety. It is better to be late than to get harmed. Observing proper etiquette also helps even in public transport. Give way to others who are there ahead of you, the elderly, and women. Avoid pushing other people just to get ahead of them. If there is a line, fall in line and wait your turn.
It is also highly recommended to be cautious once you are inside public transport. There may be others who have malicious intentions so it is best to be ready all the time. Keep your valuable things close and do not get too comfortable. If you are wary about a certain individual, just trust your instinct and move away from that person as much as possible or you can get off the vehicle and just wait for another one.
Also observe safety rules and regulations set by authorities. Use seat belts if there are any, hold on to a bus handle when standing, among others. For some people, the use of public transport is not avoidable so they need to be extra careful when they are using one.

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