Public Transport System

Today, the entire world is working towards protecting the environment. In the event you have travelled to the United Arab Emirates, you will be surprised to see the number of public transport services provided to the public. Some of the services provided are Public transport buses, public transport boats and the lately launched the public transport metro, which means the railways.

With the introduction of these public transportation, the number of vehicles on the roads have decreased to a considerable amount. They say that a bus carrying passengers can help reduce almost 40 four wheelers on the roads. That is absolutely true, if we all leave our vehicles back at home and make use of these services, the number of vehicles will automatically reduce. Not to mention the tiredness that occurs due to long hours of journey across the streets.

These days every country, whether we speak about Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka and even countries like the United States, Europe and the far east countries like Japan all focus on increasing their public transportation system in their country. The launch of the metro services in Dubai has been a great success. These are trains that are completely automatic. There is not even an engine driver to drive the train. It is completely controlled by the satellite and sensors.

India, on the other hand is known to have the world’s longest and largest railway system. There are thousands of trains plying on Indian tracks every single day and transporting millions of people from one place to another.

Public transport is something the whole world is focusing towards these days. Many office goers even have begun a car pooling system. For example, if there are 4 executives working in a particular company coming in 4 different cars, they all share one car at a time. This means that a particular colleague will get his turn to drive his car every 4 days, the rest of the day’s he or she will be sharing it with their co-colleagues.

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