Public Transport – Give me 5 minutes and l will Tell You All You Need to Know

Public transport aka public transit or public transportation is a commuter transportation service available for use by the general public. Public transport is different from hired buses, car or taxi cab that are not shared by any other party except the hirer, unless there is any private arrangement between the hirer and the stranger(s).

Airlines, intercity train and coaches dominated public transport between cities. The high-speed networks of rails are now being developed in many developed nations of the world to ease intercity rail system.

A lot of public transport operates to a scheduled time table and urban public transport is usually provided by private transport companies or operators and a mass transit authority. Public transport services are usually controlled and subsidized by the government in many of the developed nations of the world.

There are many modes of public transport you can choose from they include: Trolleys, light rail, buses, subways, commuter trains, street cars, cable cars, van pool services, Para transit services (for people with disabilities and senior citizens), ferries, water taxis, train ways and monorails.

In the United States of America, public transportation is a crucial part of the solution to the economic, environment and energy challenges of that nation, assisting in ensuring better quality of life.

The importance of Public transportation includes;
(1) Public transportation offers freedom and personal mobility for people from every walks of life, alternatives for people to go to school, work, visit a friend or any place of their choice. It provides access to job opportunities for many people in America and other nations of the world.
(2) It preserves fuel and lessens clogging
(3) Offers cost-effective prospects.
(4) It saves money for the fact that public transport will provide affordable necessary alternatives to driving.
(5) You will consume less gasoline when you opt for public transport.
(6) It diminishes carbon footprint.

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