Public Transport Benefits

Public transport is crucial to the economy of most nations and countries in saving the economy, environment, and energy. Most segments of a society benefits from alternative transportation. Public transport consists of a large variety of modes such as:
• Monorails and trams
• Busses
• Taxis
• Trolleys and light rail
• Commuter trains
• Cable cars street cars
• Pool services
• Water taxis and ferries
• Public transport enhances many personal opportunities in the form of access to job opportunities and personal mobility and freedom.
• Public transport reduces congestion and saves millions on fuel and in America; alone congestion costs would have been an additional $21 billion.
• Public transport provides economic opportunities in the form of every dollar communities invest in public transport generate $4 in economic returns. Every billion invested in public transportation creates 36, 000 jobs. Every 10 million dollars in capital investment in public transport, yields $30, 000 million in increased business sales.
• Public transportation saves money in the regard to the average household spending 16 cents of a dollar on transportation and 93% of it goes to buying, operating, and maintaining cars. This is the largest expenditure of households. Public transportation offers a necessary and alternative to driving and households using public transport save more than $9, 700 per year.
• Public transportation reduces gasoline consumption as it effectively saves the united States 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline annually. A household near public transit drive an average of 4,400 fewer miles per household with no access to public transit.
• Public transport reduces our carbon footprint and research show that communities that invest in public transport reduce a nation’s carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons per year. When a commuter switches to public transportation, it reduces a household’s carbon footprint by 10 % and sometimes up to 30 % if the household uses more than one car.

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