Modes of alternative transportation – Need of our day

Alternative transport is in much need now than ever before. Viewing the steady hike in the cost of gas and the current unstable economy, people are looking for alternative modes of transportation for commuting. By way of thought and creative thinking, you will realize and find new modes of commuting whereby you will not need to use your vehicle.

Well, we do not mean you should abandon your car. Leaving your car in your garage back home just a couple of days a week can indeed make a great difference, not just in your consumption of gas but also in the carbon emission your car releases when used.

Why not consider cycling, if you have to travel around in your neighborhood by yourself. Cycling is not just eco-friendly, but can also serve as a great workout. It is indeed the best alternative you can choose for short commutes. Cycling will also have a positive effect on your health and vitality. Besides it can be a great option for growing kids, but for that we grown ups need to commute with cycles ourselves and lead them by example. Or else like most teenagers of today, they will consider cycling to be thought of as cheap and an outdated mode of commute.

In modern times, we hate walking don’t we? Why is it that people of today see walking as a task, rather than a natural god provided the means to commute from one place to another. Well what we mean is at least for walk able distances. Walking will remain one of the healthiest and the best means of commute, come whatever may. We try every remedy available to keep ourselves free from heart ailments, why not consider walking. It is a sure fire way to keep our heart pumping healthily.

Besides there is always a car pooling, public bus transport, the metro lines and public trains that are available.

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