Biking and Walking to Work

Public transport is always recommended as being cost effective and an environmentally friendly option and people are always prompted to use alternative transportation more for financial and environmental reasons that any other. However, one of the most important reasons why alternative transport such as biking when possible is the best is for your health. Active transportation is one of the best and the cheapest form of alternative transportation.
Obesity is a problem more Americans are faced with that anywhere in the world. Apart from the United States and not only for obese people whenever possible to be as active as possible is high on the agenda. Biking or walking to work will only cost you the initial money laid out to purchase your bicycle and accessories or a good pair of walking shoes.
Walking is simple and you map your route to work and know the rules of pedestrians, while you calculate the calories burned during your walk. Once you are at work you can keep the shoes and clothes you wore in a locker or at your desk, but most work places have such facilities for storing of personal items.
You may find an excuse not to walk or bike to work when it is raining, but there is no reason to as you can invest in a raincoat and umbrella for walking. Bikers will find excellent rain pants and jackets especially designed for bikers, which are more tapered.
Light gloves will protect your hands from cold and rain whether you are biking or walking and a helmet worn when biking will keep your hair dry. Wear bright colors and reflective strips when walking and biking to work, which is just taken off when you reach your destination. Keeping a spare set of clothes at work and you has no more excuses to walk or bike to work and back.

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