Best Cities in US for Public Transportation

The usage of public transport continuous to grow in most parts of the world, however the possibility of alternative transportation methods is not always possible. Many small cities do not have taxis, trams or trains available to commuters. A city or small town may have a train station, but it is located out of town and transport is not even available to get to and from train stations. There is however great cities for public transport and some of them include the following:
• Honolulu in Hawaii is one of the top cities which do not even have an urban rail system, but the use of buses and the high rider volumes pushes this city to the top city where public transport is used.
• Seattle in Washington also rates very high among cities using alternative transportation. Seattle commuters use rail and bus, but also ferries are often used.
• San Diego in California has a massive rail system and commuters are moved beyond the downtown and into the suburbs.
• Salt Lake City in Utah uses TRAX, which is a light rail system and serves over 1.7 million people out of a city population of just over 180,000 and serves the exurban and suburban population.
• San Jose in California gets served in public transportation from the Santa Clara Valley Transportation with the use of light rail lines and buses.
• Portland in Oregon is one of the leaders in public transport and what makes them unique is the fact that they have a Free Rail Zone. Portland downtown area has free streetcar rides and light rail services for free, which makes it an extremely well supported method of alternative transportation.
• Boston in Massachusetts runs commuter rail lines, busses and ferries apart from their subway system and public transport is highly supported in Boston by all commuters.

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