Alternatives Ways to get around without a Car

There are several reasons why you want to look at alternative transportation for example you may not own a car or want to cut on fuel costs. Taking a vacation you may want to enjoy the scenic nature and landscapes in comfort and relaxation, whatever the reason there are public transportation in different ways available to you.
• Bus – Travelling to work, to neighboring cities and more will be much more economical by bus. Buses are usually safe, reliable, comfortable, clean, reclined seats, air-conditioned and onboard toilets for your convenience.
• Trains – if you travel short distances it is a good option of public transport and also economical. The positive and negative aspect of travelling by train on holiday is controversial. The positive side is that you can enjoy the trip, have scenic experiences, socialize and relax. The negative side is that you cannot be in a hurry to get to your destination and it is quite expensive to travel long distance by.
• Subway – if you are lucky and stay in a city with subways this is a great method of alternative transportation.
• Taxi – the problem with taxis are that it also depends where you stay. Some cities have a taxi on every corner and every street, but unless you live in a big city, it is better to order one. It is not the cheapest mode of transport either as taxi drivers apart from the fee of the trip; also expect a 10 – 15 % tip.
• Bicycle – now this is probably the best way to get around if it is possible as it will not cost you a cent and you get great exercise at the same time.
• Air – dozens of competing airlines make for relatively inexpensive flights, whether it is domestic or international. Most cities have airport terminals so you do not even have to travel to another town.

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